Hotspot Billing & Wi-Fi Monetization


Integrated Billing Plans & On-demand Accounts

Edgecore provides the perfect solution to address the coffee shop Wi-Fi squatter dilemma. By limiting free Wi-Fi access by duration or time, venue owners can better maintain open seats for new purchasing customers. Multiple billing plans can also be enabled to create tiered Wi-Fi service with different usage quotas, price, and network access privileges. Finally, a tablet-based billing plan selection interface provides a simple way to create accounts for guests.

Location-based Advertising with Service Zones

Edgecore's Service Zones feature creates virtualized controllers inside a single controller, each with independent network configurations, authentication settings, and Wi-Fi captive portals. By directing the traffic of different access points to different Service Zones, network administrators can allow users to see different login pages with location-specific advertisements as they move through a venue such as a shopping mall. For managed service providers (MSPs), Service Zones also allow MSPs to quickly segment multiple customer’s networks.

Ready for Guest Self-Registration

With readily available interfaces between the Edgecore controller to external platforms such as payment gateways and social media, Edgecore's simplifies the deployment and configuration for guest self-registration in public Wi-Fi deployments. Current available interfaces include:
  • External Payment Gateways (e.g. PayPal, WorldPay, SecurePay)
  • Social Media Platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google+, VK)
  • Oracle Micros Opera PMS
  • SMS Gateways
  • Ticket Printers

All-in-one Wireless Hotspot Gateway

Compared to traditional Wi-Fi deployments consisting of access points and a central WLAN controller, the all-in-one wireless hotspot gateway (ECH) is a Edgecore product designed specifically for SMBs such as coffee shops and restaurants. Although similar in functionality, it provides a unique advantage of having hotspot functionality such as guest Wi-Fi, user authentication, billing plans, and on-demand accounts all in the access point itself. No additional cabling is necessary, and small business owners can quickly get an enterprise-grade manageable Wi-Fi up and running.
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