Guest Wi-Fi & Customer Insights


Social Media Login & Demographics

Edgecore's social media login integration offers businesses providing free Wi-Fi with additional tools for more effective customer insights and marketing. Guests can easily login to Wi-Fi using their Facebook, Google+, LINE, VK, or OpenID accounts, allowing business owners to collect basic profile information such as gender, location, and birthday.

Multi-factor Email Authentication

With Edgecore’s guest Wi-Fi email login mechanism, network administrators are able to validate the authenticity of the entered email addresses by granting users with restricted access until the activation link is triggered. Furthermore, given the ease of free email account registration, device MAC addresses are also logged to maintain the integrity of the set access limitations, such as duration per access or number of reactivations per day.

Customized Captive Portal for Data Collection

Combined with Edgecore’s Service Zone architecture, network administrators can quickly enable multiple unique Wi-Fi login pages per deployment depending on various access point locations. Each login page is fully customizable to show unique branding or location-based advertisements, and can also be designed with customer-defined data fields for collecting relevant data for analytics and marketing.

Flexible Integration with On-Demand API

Edgecore’s On-demand account API allows for simple and flexible integration to a wide-array of external systems, such as restaurant POS software, registration kiosks, or third party hotel PMS and ticket printing solutions. Automation of the Wi-Fi account creation process helps businesses streamline internal processes while reducing unnecessary costs and efforts.
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