Flexible Deployment Architectures


The Hybrid Gateway-Controller Advantage

The hybrid design of the Edgecore’s EWS gateway-controller allows the system to be positioned as both an access control gateway as well as a WLAN controller for AP management. When deployed in the data path, the EWS is able to enforce user policies such as bandwidth, QoS, and firewall profiles, and perform traditional gateway functions such as DHCP, NAT, and traffic isolation. When deployed outside of the data path, the EWS can continue to perform functions such as AP management, captive portal authentication, and user accounting, without the overhead of managing user traffic. The flexibility of deployment methods and applications allows network administrators to easily utilize Edgecore to fulfill the a wide variety of WLAN requirements.

Flexible Tunnel Configuration

Edgecore allows network operators to independently configure tunneling between the remote APs and the central EWS gateway-controller to fulfill specific security and performance requirements. For instance, for corporate employees requiring stricter security, all of the data traffic can be tunneled back to the gateway in the headquarters for unified policy enforcement. On the other hand, for guests or visitors that may not need the same level of security, the data traffic can be allowed to exit to the Internet locally to reduce bandwidth consumption and increase client application performance.

Multi-tenancy & Managed Services

Edgecore's provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a platform to easily manage and monitor the WLAN deployments for multiple customers with an efficient single pane of glass view. The unique virtualized design stemming from Edgecore's traditional hybrid controller-gateway architecture allows each tenant to have completely independent computing resources, each with the same or more capability compared to traditional WLAN controllers. With tiered administrator privileges, individual tenants can also access the system to view their network without compromising system availability.

Robust Design with High Availability

As Wi-Fi becomes the primary form of connectivity for many enterprises and organizations, a robust and reliable WLAN solution is of the utmost importance. To guarantee reliable WAN connectivity, Edgecore’s EWS gateway-controller can be attached to two WAN links from separate ISPs for redundancy and load balancing purposes. Furthermore, the entire system can be deployed in High Availability, mitigating the potential lost productivity in the event of network downtime. And with the ability to configure backup AP management controllers for remotely managed APs, network administrators can guarantee seamless network operation and management.
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